Digitalising Development

Idea Garage workshops: path to development 2.0

Idea Garage is a full-day event that encourages everyone to propose solutions and test ideas with the help of mentors from various backgrounds. The aim is to understand the opportunities digitalisation offers, to tackle the challenges it embeds and to bring technological process to the global development.  

The workshop is intended for everybody who has curiosity and wants to contribute to the future of global development and isn’t afraid to tackle the subject, no matter your background. Civil servants, social sphere specialists, experts, students, practitioners, scientists, entrepreneurs, visionaries as well as developers, engineers, project managers, marketeers are all welcome.

Our amazing policy makers, civil servants, social sphere, environmental and technical mentors are there to help your ideas develop and get ready to fly.

Every participant can bring their own problem and the team of tech & dev people will work on it. Let’s dream and discuss solutions in following relevant areas:

  • Sustainable Development Goals: connecting Estonia with rest of the globe. Advancing sustainability at home = advancing sustainability abroad.
  • Sustainable local authorities. Cities and communities are the keys!
  • Global citizenship education. Awareness raising. Knowledge is the power.
  • Education is a way out from poverty, hunger and inequality.
  • Migration as a tool for development.
  • Competitive capital: entrepreneurship.
  • Global inequality. How can tech help?
  • Women are the future.
  • Smarter actions for climate.
  • Systemic change. Sustainability, efficiency, review and impact within and by civil society organizations. How to be better and how to do better.

Do you have a problem or idea you need to solve? Propose your challenge on the registration form!









Morning coffee

Introduction, setting the goals for the day.
Andres Susi (Garage48)
Opening discussion
Introduction to the format
Pitching the Ideas
Formation of the teams
First work session


Second work session
Coffee & snack break
Presenting the final ideas
Announcing the winners


Every group will prepare a presentation and a small pitch to introduce the outcomes of the work to all participants. The best ideas presented will receive special and amazing awards from the jury.



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AKÜ’s members can be Estonian not-for-profit organizations and foundations, active in the field of sustainable development. The highest decision-making body is the General Assmebly. AKÜ also has a Council responsible for strategic planning and deciding on daily matters that cannot be brought to the General Assembly. AKÜ’s legal representative is the Board, which is also responsible for managing the organisation’s staff. The statute is approved by the General Assembly on May 14, 2009 in Tallinn. Our financial year lasts from January 1 to December 31.

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