Call for Participants: Train-the-Trainer Workshop in Gorca


Bridge 47 and Gorca EarthCARE invite you to a unique and intense five day transformative workshop for GCE (Global Citizenship Education) multipliers in Gorca, Slovenia from August 4-9. The programme is hosted by Professor Vanessa Andreotti, Dr. Rene Suša and others at Gorca EarthCARE. We will challenge the roles and educational concepts that civil society organisations use for systemic change and ultimately face our own complicity in systemic harm.

We will examine how our current global problems are not related to a lack of knowledge but to an inherently violent modern-colonial way of being. This way of being is difficult to deconstruct because it represents the “normal” way that we inhabit and relate to the world. We will explore the three major constitutive denials that drive this violent, “normal” way of being; denial of systemic violence and complicity in harm, denial of the limits of the planet and the denial of our inevitable entanglement in the whole living metabolism.

This training is not meant to be easy to palate candy. This is more like the broccoli seeds that you plant and tend to over time in order to cultivate something of value. We will not offer any quick fixes, but you will leave with a lot to think about and hopefully grow from.

Participants will stay in their own tents and share responsibility for cooking and cleaning together. This communal living aspect is an important part of the immersive experience that makes this training special.

If you are ready to seriously challenge yourself and your assumptions about the world, then this programme is for you. If you are interested, please apply by June 16th. Learn more and apply via the PDF below. We also encourage you to learn more about Gorca EarthCARE before applying.

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