Joint statement of Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian Development cooperation Platforms regarding your support to Ukraine & Ukrainians


As civil society organizations, development cooperation, and humanitarian action Platform and the members, many of which are working for many years in Ukraine on various topics, we are shocked by the recent developments in Ukraine, and also we are FOCUSED on that actions should be taken now. We Lithuanian NGDO Platform, LAPAS, AKÜ are calling you, our CSO community, networks, individuals to ACT, SUPPORT, and SHARE the full focus of actions, advocacy, and solidarity in any form possible for you. ANY support matters, ANY actions matter. 

What can you do to support Ukraine & Ukrainians?

Demonstrations of support

  • Express your position to your government, local decision-makers, and any policy representatives urging them to support Ukraine and push for more sanctions. This could be done in 
    • Verbally addressing the key elements:
  •  Using our template letter as a sample. A template letter can be found here 
  • Organize, join and support local peaceful demonstrations, any form of peaceful solidarity actions, online media campaigns, share and connect with #StandWithUkraine 

#SlavaUkraini #StopRussianAggression

  • For your respectful donors (ministries, foundations, etc) request emergency funding for Ukraine and/or emergency local funds for CSOs to coordinate actions at the national/regional level related to Ukraine. 
  • Check the sources of information. Be aware of the high level of disinformation. 

We recommend:

Ukrainian MFA and English-language outlets The Kyiv Independent and The New Voice of Ukraine.

  • Encourage, launch, support the volunteering. Launch the database if your country hasn’t yet received Ukrainian fleeing the war, reach out to your national/local Ukrainian community – find them, volunteer to support emotionally and in any other way of your ability. 
  • Find or launch the support call in assisting people fleeing war in logistics, shelter, necessities. 
  • Encourage your municipality and local authorities to launch specific info email on supportUkraine@ to coordinate the needs and information in their abilities. 
  • National Red Cross, Malteser, Caritas, Save the Children, Foodbank, Unicef societies – find them, check the ways to contribute and help. 
  • Donate (The funds donated directly or to either of these organizations will be used for logistical and medical support.) 

For donations in EUR:




Account: 5040040066

IBAN DE05504000005040040066

Wilhelm-Epsteinn-Strabe 14, 60431 Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Bank account: UA843000010000000047330992708

  • Specific donation for our recommended and trusted organizations:
    •  Lithuanian NGO “Blue and Yellow”  specifically supports Ukraine, its Armed Forces, and the civil population in the Donbas area since 2014. We have provided almost 1 million USD worth of humanitarian aid and military equipment. Members of the organization have been decorated several times by Ukrainian civil and military authorities. They are there, now. 
    • Estonian initiative “For Ukraine!” combines three organizations working directly with people in need in Ukraine, evacuating them to Estonia and supporting them during their stay in Estonia. https://www.ukrainaheaks.ee/en 
  • Take personal action – do not buy Russian or Belarussian-made products, ban and report propaganda messages online, research on Russian-owned international brands. 

Share the support message to other national, regional, international networks.

Go out, send, ask, demand the actions. 

For regional cooperation feel free to contact us:

Lithuanian Platform – Lithuanian NGDO Platform  – Justina justina@vbplatforma.org

Latvian Platform – LAPAS –  Inese inese.vaivare@lapas.lv

Estonian Platform  – AKÜ –  Susanna susanna@terveilm.ee

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