Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation (acronym: AKÜ)

About us

Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation (acronym: AKÜ) is an independent not-for-profit coalition of non-governmental organisations that work in the field of development cooperation or have expressed interest towards that topic.

AKÜ is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

AKÜ’s financial year lasts from January 1 to December 31.

AKÜ’s main goal is to improve the creation and implementation of development policy and informing the general public of the issues in development cooperation and their opportunities to participate in it.

AKÜ main acitivities include:

  • participation in the creation of development policy;
  • advocating for greater transparency in Estonia’s development policy;
  • informing the general public about development topics and global education;
  • information exchange with development non-profit organisations, international networks and individuals;
  • capacity building for AKÜ’s members;
  • preparation and implementation of development projects in areas that AKÜ’s members are not active in;
  • organising trainings.

AKÜ’s work is regulated by the laws of the Republic of Estonia and AKÜ’s statute.

AKÜ’s members can be Estonian not-for-profit organisations and foundations that are active in the field of development cooperation.

AKÜ’s highest decision-making body is the General Assmebly. AKÜ also has a Council that is responsible for strategic planning and deciding on daily matters that cannot be brought to the General Assembly.

AKÜ’s legal representative is the Board, which is also responsible for managing the organisation’s staff.

The statute is approved by the General Assembly on May 14, 2009 in Tallinn.

Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation brochure (pdf)


MTÜ Arengukoostöö Ümarlaud

Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation

Telliskivi 60a, 10412
A3 building
Skype: terveilm


Staff Members:

Ms. Sigrid Solnik – Secretary-General, Sigrid@terveilm.ee
Katrin Pärgmäe – Communications Officer, +372 56623823, katrin@terveilm.ee
World Day/ Maailmapäev coordinatormaailmapaev@terveilm.ee
GLEN coordinatorglen@terveilm.ee


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