WEBINAR “Shifting the Power: Embracing Locally-Led Development”


May 2, 2024 10:00 AM Vilnius time

In the realm of international development, a paradigm shift is underway, marked by the urgency to “shifting the power” and fostering equal partnerships for locally led development initiatives. At the heart of this development value lies the concept of localisation, which entails the transfer of decision-making authority, resources, power dynamics, capacity building, and project management responsibilities to local partners. This approach seeks to empower communities and grassroots organisations, enabling them to spearhead development efforts that are contextually relevant and sustainable.

The upcoming webinar featuring Dr. Moses Isooba, Executive Director of The Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF), will focus on the practical applications of these principles. – Dr. MOSES ISOOBA is a Human Rights activist, governance specialist and boasts of over two decades of work experience in the NGO world as well as in the donor circles. Prior to becoming Executive Director of UNNGOF, Dr. Isooba was a governance advisor with ActionAid Denmark. He is also currently a member of the Re-Imagining INGOs (RINGO) Social Lab – a group of Practitioners reimagining INGOs through disruption, innovation and systematic thinking. Under RINGO, Dr. Isooba is the idea carrier of the Language and Lexicon prototype. – UNNGOF serves as an independent and inclusive national platform, providing a space for NGOs in Uganda to collaborate, strategise, and take collective action on shared priorities. With a membership exceeding 650 organisations nationwide, UNNGOF represents a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, including international entities, national organisations, faith-based groups, networks, and district-level entities.

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